Reflections On A Balloon Sculpture                     
By Graham Rouse ________________________________________________________________________________

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 Abstract Balloon Sculpture # 03 with "RIBS" by Graham Rouse

When I look at this sculpture I wonder if it is actually ice  that has been melted into shape by the sun as the earth spins round  that star.  Maybe it was polished smooth by swirling night winds. It certainly seems preoccupied with growing, reaching, stretching to touch stars in the deep, dark blue of the night sky.

Is the base a block of frozen pond or is the scale much larger?  Is this the tip of an iceberg with roots a thousand feet deep in the ocean, now rising 100 feet above the frozen surf?

Or, is it only a smooth and frozen crystal resting upon a tiny snowflake and,therefore so fragile as to melt away should it be touched by human breath?

Is it, instead, a living thing?  Perhaps a cocoon?  Maybe the blue line circumscribing this monolithic form is actually a rib defining the outer edge of some marvelous creature within; a creature whose metamorphosis is not yet complete.




  • Maybe if we sit quietly, and very very still, with only the most shallow of breathing;
  • Maybe if we stare, hour after hour with eyes wide open;
  • Maybe then we will witness that magic moment when a new life breaks forth from within the Blue Ice, stretches its wings and flys away..


  • Maybe as we bear witness to the fact and to the form of this object;
  • Maybe as we involve our imaginations in its genesis, metamorphosis, and future;
  • Maybe then we are actually imagining scenarios for our own lives the way they might be imagined in our dreams..


  • Maybe, since we have seen these images in the Blue Ice;
  • Maybe since we have imagined its inner workings large and small, fragile and strong, inanimate and alive;
  • Maybe, then we are a little better prepared to imagine ourselves in new ways..


  • Maybe Blue Ice offers us the opportunity to taste, while we are awake, flavors of life usually hidden in dreams;
  • Maybe Blue Ice offers us the possibility  to make real in our lives what we imagine in the sculpture;
  • Maybe then, our own metamorphosis will complete itself and we will become one of those marvelous creatures who

Break forth,
Stretch our wings and

Fly away. _______________________________________________________________________________

Thanks for reading/listening.  I am
Graham Rouse


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