May 11

A MATTER OF HEART #01 . (Single Layer Heart)

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(a series of blogs by Graham Rouse on making heart shaped balloon decorations)

#1 Single Layer, Rouse Matrix, Balloon Heart

Hearts are among the most favored of shapes for expressing one’s love and for calling out similar emotions from others.  Here is a basic heart shaped balloon decoration you can make with just 

  • (40) round latex balloons and
  • (1) Rouse Matrix, (RMS), “Heart-40”, Expand-And-Load framework.Rouse Matrix Balloon Heart, Expand-And-Load Animation
  • This Balloon Heart Is Simple To Make:

1.     Expand the flexible, plastic framework. 

2.     Load it with inflated balloons. 

Once you fill up all the apertures, you are done making the basic, single layer heart. 

THAT IS SIMPLE; isn’t it? 

Notice in this animation that the balloons are being loaded in pairs.  Those pairs are often called “duplets” or “doublets”.  You lay the pair of balloons down on the RMS framework (called a “Matrix”) and squeeze the balloons into adjacent openings (called “apertures”).  Center each balloon in the framework so that half the balloon is on the front side of the Rouse Matrix framework and half is on the back side. 


There are many possible variations in the heart.  You may change colors of balloons, loading techniques, overlay designs, accessories, etc. to turn your basic Rouse Matrix Heart into something even more special. 

A balloon butterfly made with balloons and one Rouse Matrix Heart   framework 


The example to the right is a butterfly made with one, single layer, Rouse Matrix Heart and balloons of a variety of sizes and shapes. The long, skinny, entertainer balloons are used for antenna.  Two, small, heart shaped balloons are used to suggest rear wings on the RMS Butterfly.  Regular round balloons fill the apertures as suggested in the first part of this article.  There are also many round balloons of much smaller size used to create a pattern of speckled color on the large wings. 

The conversion of caterpillars into beautiful butterflies is a transformation that makes butterflies a nearly universal symbol of renewal and new beginnings.  What occasions do you think of where butterflies like this one  and the one below might make appropriate decorations? 



A Balloon Butterfly made with balloons & 3 Rouse Matrix Heart frameworks 

Here is another balloon butterfly decoration  This one is  made with (3) single layer Rouse Matrix Hearts that are connected together. 

This RMS Butterfly shows off the wonderful, translucent quality of latex balloons.  The single layer loading technique is especially good for this “stained glass window” effect. 

The back lighting makes the balloon colors light up. 

What if you were to backlight a series of simple red hearts around a room to set the mood for a Valentine’s party or anniversary celebration? 



Rouse Matrix balloon heart, fish design 

Here is a cute, balloon fish decoration made with one Rouse Matrix, Expand-And-Load, heart shaped framework.  A couple of uninflated long balloons hang in front like fish whiskers and a heart shaped single balloon serves as a tail fin.  Round balloons inflated to about one fifth of normal size add a pattern of colored speckles. 

Can you imagine a fish like this in school colors or in team colors? 




Rouse Matrix bunny rabbit balloon decoration 



This pink, balloon bunny rabbit is also made with a single, Rouse Matrix, Expand-And-Load,  heart shaped framework.  The rosey nose and blue eyes join with the tall ears to suggest one of those adorable spring time rabbits that are especially popular around Easter time in many parts of the world. 

What if you changed him into a white rabbit for a magic themed party or maybe a striped “tiger rabbit” just for fun? 



photo of a balloon bear decoration made with Rouse Matrix Heart

We go from bunny to bear with this example of single layer, Rouse Matrix,  balloon hearts.  Brown balloons make up the majority.  Pink balloons surround his black nose and fill his ears.  Long, “entertainer” balloons wrap his ears and form the curve of his mouth.  White balloons make his eye balls, but black markers are used to color the iris of his eyes.  It is the friendly head of a teddy bear. 

What changes would you make to turn him into a ferocious bear or maybe a cowardly one? 




This is a photo of a Rouse Matrix balloon angel decorationHere we have a balloon angel made from a heart.  It seems entirely appropriate doesn’t it?  Just one Rouse Matrix heart shaped framework is needed to make this balloon decoration with the single layer technique discussed in this blog. The heart is filled with round balloons and long, “entertainer” balloons loop around to make the wings and the halo.  In this case, we have chosen white for the head (a larger round balloon), for the wings and for the outline of the body.  Gold balloons fill the outline and color the halo. 

What color combinations would you like to use for your angel? 



Photo of a balloon Santa Claus made with Rouse Matrix. 

It looks like Santa has made his entrance!  Here, Santa’s white beard and hair are topped by his red hat.  His pink face sports a red nose.  All this comes from round balloons.  Sections of  long, skinny, entertainer (” twistie”) balloons are stuck onto this Rouse Matrix, heart shaped balloon Santa to form eye brows, mustasche and lips.  The round balloons are loaded using the single layer technique. 

How would you change this design to suggest a Santa from Africa? From Asia? From South America? 



photo of balloon heart made with Rouse Matrix and tulle 


Here is a Rouse Matrix, Expand-And-Load heart shaped framework dressed up with pearlized balloons and tulle trim.  It is the kind of balloon decoration you might choose for Valentine’s Day or a wedding anniversary or an engagement party.  Smaller sizes of this design would make a nice gift. Or, You could use one as a base for a boquet of balloon flowers or; maybe use one as an achor for a cluster of helium filled message balloons. 

What things might you add to enhance this RMS balloon heart even further?  What about ribbon or glitter or flower petals? 




Expand-And-Load animation plus illustrations of Rouse Matrix Hearts 


Here you have eight examples of  Rouse Matrix, Expand-And-Load, heart shaped frameworks loaded with balloons in the single layer technique to make a wide range of balloon decoration designs.  We would love to read your comments.  We would like to see your single layer heart designs.  Share them with us and other readers through the “Reply” section below. 






Thanks for reading.  I am 

Graham Rouse
Making It With Balloons Network
At http://MIWB.net Your Resource Center For
“Making Things, Making Success & Making A Difference With Balloons”™. 


© Graham Rouse 2010
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  1. Tonya McNeill

    Wow…I love these designs! Makes me want to try my hand at decor!
    Great stuff :-)

  2. Ursula

    Please send me mesh models with shapes and prices.
    Best Regards

  3. admin

    Ursula, Thanks for your note. You may see the patterns (mesh models) online at http://bvsmall.com/rmsstore for the hearts and many other Rouse Matrix Expand-And-Load balloon decoration frameworks.

    If you find something of special interest you may order them right there. The Rouse Matrix Store is based in the USA but does ship internationally.

    If you prefer an outlet nearer to you, you will find a list of RMS distributors with contact information at http://www.rouseinternational.com/distributors .

    You may learn more about RMS and see more pictures at http://rouseinternational.com/galleries .

    If you would like to follow developments, see the latest and access special discounts on Rouse Matrix Products from time to time, then visit and “like” http://facebook.com/RouseMatrixPage or subscribe to the RouseABOUT newsletter below: [Just enter your email address and select the “GO” button.]


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