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  1. angelica rivera

    hi.. ive been on this business for 4 yrs now and im a party business is local and i share the talant that god as put in my heart for ppls… im writing because i would like to be a memeber .. what do i have to do to be part of this blessing website ?? i seen this website on mr graham FB page… he and his wife is a blessing to know…well i hope to hear from you soon takcare god bless you and your business!!!!

  2. admin


    (July 23, 2010)
    Thanks for writing. We expect to open up our “Making It With Balloons Network” memberships around the first of 2011.

    Meanwhile, you are welcome to visit, read the blogs (See and click in the “BLOG CATEGORIES” near the top of the column on the left ) and leave your comments to share with other readers. If you have something longer you would like to say to our readers then please submit your article/s to . Over time, we expect to publish quite a few articles by guest bloggers.

    We have started our “RouseCIPES” section with a couple of video instructions. We will be adding more. (Look under “MIWB-PAGES” in the left column.)

    We will be opening our first exhibit in our Gallery section in the next month or so. (Look under “MIWB-PAGES” in the left column.)

    We anticipate sending out our first newsletter sometime in the next few months. (Look under “MIWB-PAGES” in the left column.)

    Later, we plan to open our own, online store in the Ballooniverse Mall ( ). You may visit Ballooniverse Mall now and sign up for discounts and newsletters from the stores that are already open there.

    Our plans for “Making It With Balloons Network” are quite large, but , at this point, our resources of manpower and money are much more limited than our vision. So, we are beginning with the blogs and will grow as resources and reader interest grows.

    Do come again. And thanks for your comments.

    Graham Rouse

  3. leah scott

    i was hoping you would have something i could ‘subscribe’ to, being the bubble head that i am, i often forget wonderful sites (such as yours!), even though i make a postit note, mental note, and bookmark as well :( are you planning to add this to facebook anytime? that is my foothold into the ‘real’ world, and this blog on there would be completely awesome!!! thanks for your time and wonderful blog page, im going to try my best to come back :)


    leah scott, owner
    cincy balloons llc

  4. admin

    (August 1, 2010)
    —- Thanks for visiting. We do have something for which you may subscribe.
    —- Near the top of the left column look for “FEEDS”. Under “FEEDS” select “.All Entries”.
    —- When the new page comes up, select “Subscribe”. Follow the instructions on the page to narrow, if you like, the blog posts that will be sent to you by email.
    —- By subscribing to the “Feed” you will get notices about the new articles on “Making It With Balloons Network” just as soon as they are published.

    Graham Rouse

  5. Jimmy Tan


    My name is Jimmy, I am writing to you all the way from Malaysia as I am impressed and excited about your RMS products and I would like to know how I can represent you as a local reseller here in Malaysia ?

    We are an event management company as well as a new comer in the balloon decoration arena (especially balloon sculpturing, balloon wall, etc).

    Please advise on what is the criteria to be your reseller and how we can start promoting RMS products and RMS Balloon exhibition here.

    Thank you and hope to receive a reply from you soon.

    BTW… I have written earlier using this email address “” and unfortunately I received a bounce back with an error message.

  6. Lois Jolley


    I am just writing this comment to say “thank you” for your products. I have been in the balloon business for three years now and I am so excited when I learn new tricks of the trade. They because priceless pieces of knowledge and very profitable too if I may add. i cannot wait until you open the members section because I would love to be a member. Please keep up the great work. You and your wife are an inspiration to us all. Thank you again and how a fabulous day!

    Lois Jolley
    Balloons and Things
    Richmond, Virginia

  7. admin

    Jimmy, Thanks for wrting and thanks for your enthusiasm for Rouse Matrix.

    I am sorry that your email did not get through to us. I understand that Mary Queen Rouse has been in touch with you. I hope we can fill your need to boaden your business.

    If you continue to have problems with then please try or

    Meanwhile, do drop in here again and leave your comments about other blog posts. For more text, picture and video posts focused on Rouse Matrix try our official Rouse Matrix Facebook page at .

    Thanks again for sharing with us.

  8. admin

    Lois, thanks for your “Wow!!!” and your other comments.

    Making It With Balloons Network is a good place to learn new tricks and a few tricks that are old enough to appear new to a generation of balloon enthusiasts that were not around when the ideas were first introduced.

    We expect the Members area to open up early in 2011, but we want the Blogs to get well established first and then to develop a special package of benefits for members before we solicit people to join.

    You can hasten that time by
    — coming back regularly to read and comment on articles here
    — sharing with and encouraging your friends to do the same
    — telling us what articles or “new tricks” you would like to learn
    — making suggestions to us about what benefits you would like to have as a “Member” of the Making It With Balloons Network.

    We look forward to reading more of your comments and to receiving your suggestions.

    Thanks again for sharing with us.

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