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Welcome to Members Page.

This is the entrance to a “Members Only” area that we expect to open about December 1, 2011.   It will give members access to special products and services as well as discounts on popular items available to the general public at regular prices.

We will post more about this area as plans develop.

BUT, DO NOT WAIT for the Members area to open!  Enjoy the blogs now.

  • “Making It A Balloon Arts Movement” is our first balloon editorial. It will give you insight into our perspective on “Balloon Arts” and hopefully inspire you to take more pride in the value of balloon arts.
  • “Thanks To You” blog is up. It is intended to express appreciation for the work and the role of professional balloon artists around the world.
  • “The Elusive ‘It’ #1″ is the first in a series of virtual interviews by “Joe Balloon” as he explores the diversity of what people are “really” trying to do when they “Make IT With Balloons”.
  • “Squeak, Squabble and Squawk” started out as just a fun story about three balloon hens.  The more I watch the news here in the USA, however, the more this balloon story reads like a parody of politics in America.
  • “A Matter Of Heart – #01″ is the first in a series about heart shaped balloon decorations for diverse occasions. It is also the first of our blogs to have a video RouseCIPE to go with it.
  • We plan to add more blog posts every week, including those about balloon twisting, balloon decorating, balloon world reviews, and even about balloon RIBS.

Check us out often.  And, be sure to leave your comments.  We would love to have you involved in an ongoing conversation about “Making It With Balloons”.

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  1. Kiss

    Graham I want to put this info on todays newsletter. I am a little confused as I am coming in thru facebook. and you know how computer savvy i am not!
    Give me the link I should give to them to get directly to each one of these educational Blogs. A little description of how to use will be helpful too. I have been over my head in drama down here so no time to call you and talk. i will give them this link but I am guessing this is not the first one.
    BTW I am marketing a new inflator called Zoom. Little, cheap and awesome. It retails for $135 including postage anywhere US. I love it. It has 2 nozzels !!!!!!!!!!. Knocks all the others out of the box as a back up inflator. We’ll talk! Linda

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