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Welcome to Store.

The  MIWB Network Store is planned to open in the new, online  BALLOONIVERSE MALL .    The address will be

The BALLOONIVERSE MALL ( “The Shopping CENTER Of The Ballooniverse”) will be the outlet for most of the items promoted by the Making It With Balloons Network.  And, as we develop our own line of products and services, we will sell them through the MIWB Network Store in Ballooniverse Mall.

In fact, it is likely that many of you visitors, and later members of, will find the new BALLOONIVERSE MALL an appropriate outlet for you own products and services as well.  But, lets let them get open and fully underway first.

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  1. JImmy Tan


    My name is Jimmy, I am writing to you all the way from Malaysia as I am impressed and excited about your RMS products and I would like to know how I can represent you as a local reseller here in Malaysia ?

    We are an event management company as well as a new comer in the balloon decoration arena (especially balloon sculpturing, balloon wall, etc).

    Please advise on what is the criteria to be your reseller and how we can start promoting RMS products and RMS Balloon exhibition here.

    Thank you and hope to receive a reply from you soon.

    BTW… I have written earlier using this email address “” and unfortunately I received a bounce back with an error message.

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