Welcome to Making It With Balloons Network (MIWB.net).
Your Resource Center for “Making Things, Making Success  & Making A difference With Balloons”™.

Welcome to MIWB.net
Your Resource Center For

—  Making Things With Balloons   ———-  Being Productive
—  Making Success With Balloons  ———  Achieving Goals
—  Making A Difference With Balloons  —  Benefiting Others

Join Us If You Are

  • “Balloon Curious”
  • “Balloon Dabbler”
  • “Balloon Hobbyist”
  • “Balloon Amateur”  OR
  • “Balloon Professional

We Begin With Blogs

  • “Making It With Balloons”  —  A penetrating look at what balloon art and  balloon artists are all about; individually, as an industry and as a movement.  Read our opening “Balloonitorial” at http://miwb.net/blog/?p=223 .
  •  “Balloon Review”  —  We will be traveling the Ballooniverse and offering opinions, advice and encouragement.  So, call us  “Balloon Critic”, “Balloon Coach” and “Balloon Cheerleader”.  The first article in this category, “COMTEMPLATING ‘BLUE ICE'”, is also the introduction to our first MIWB.net Gallery Exhibit: http://miwb.net/blog/?p=1027 .
  • “Twisted Pleasures”  —  Experience again the excitment you felt when first you saw  latex and air twisted into creations large and small.  Add to your twisting  skills; and add to  your personal collection of designs.
  • “Decorating Delights”  —  Explore and learn the skills and delights of decorating with balloons.  Add new techniques and designs to your pool of options for delighting your friends and your customers.  Our first article in this category is “A MATTER OF HEART #1 – (Single Layer Heart)”: http://miwb.net/blog/?p=597 .
  • “Balloon Stories”  —  Read, hear and see greetings, stories and other expressions of balloon life from “The Other End Of The Rainbow”.  Read our first story, “Squeak, Squabble & Squawk” at http://miwb.net/blog/?p=247 .
  • “Balloon RIBS”  —  Explore (1) balloon art, (2) balloon artists and (3) balloon techniques based on the RIBS (Rouse Internal Balloon Structures) approach to balloon sculpture.  The introductory article in this category is “FANTASY FLOWERS – The Beginning Of RIBS For Balloon Sculpture” : http://miwb.net/blog/?p=951  .

Check out the Blog posts,  add your comments,  sign up for RSS feeds on the topics of most interest to you, then check back  later on the other topics as well

We Grow With News

The “BALLOONIVERSE NEWS”  email  newsletter will tell and show you what is developing at   “MIWB.net” and in the larger “Ballooniverse”.  .  Watch for announcements for the beginning of the newsletter and other new services at MIWB.net as we open them up.

We Expand With

  • RouseCIPES  –  Balloon instructions and balloon recipes from Graham Rouse
  • Memberships  – Special packages of products and services for members
  • OnLine Store  –  The convenient way to buy resources from the “Shopping CENTER of the Ballooniverse”

We Want Your Guidance

You can help to shape the future.  Add your comments below.  Let us know what you want and need to improve your abilities for “Making It With Balloons”.

Graham Rouse

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    Hi Mary and Graham!

    I did´nt receive answer to a couple of mails I sent you. I wanted to congratulate you both for all what you are doig!! It´s marvelous, it will help many people.

    Are you attending “Balloonstitute”?
    I will be there………….I hope to see you!

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